Simply Cremations

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About the Client:

Simply Cremations provides cremation and memorial services in the greater Edmonton area. The company focuses on making the process simple and painless for the family and loved ones. Simply cremations has refined the cremation registration process in order to make the decision making process easier and allow families to focus on mourning rather than coordinating the cremation process.


Our Solution:

Our solution focused on two main areas: an easy way for clients to begin the cremation process (including all forms and documentation) as well as an integrated online store allowing clients to purchase urns and other funeral items. The online cremation process offered users a way to complete the majority of the sign-up process online. The process gathers basic information and prompts users to print our forms that have to be signed. The online store was built to allow users to purchase urns, teddy bears and other accessories on the website while also providing Simply Cremations management the ability to update their catalog and add new products.